Letters to the Editor

Taking Zika precautions

It’s time we take some precautions when it comes to the Zika mosquito. It is a low-flying disease-carrying menace. To protect ourselves, we must remove all standing water. The smallest amount — a capful — is all that is needed to produce more blood sucking insects.

Keep in mind that the bromeliad is the No. 1 mosquito breeding plant harboring larvae. When you are out and about, long pants, shirts and socks are a must.

Also, carry a flyswatter. This bug is reasonably easy to hit; then it’s dead. There is also DEET.

We have all heard about spraying insecticide. The news says its mosquito-killing effect is questionable. Makes you wonder how many spiders and dragonflies, nature’s mosquito predators, it is killing — as well as good insects like honeybees and ladybugs.

John B. McCaughan,

Miami Shores