Letters to the Editor

Healthy candidates?

Let’s stop tip-toeing around about the health of both candidates. Mr. Trump is 70 years old. Secretary Clinton will be 69 in October. There is more than ample evidence available (photos and videos showing coughing fits, a possible small seizure and the recent self proclaimed “short circuit” ) that Secretary Clinton is suffering from some sort of medical problem.

Likewise, Trump’s recent behavior was so self-destructive one has to wonder what caused it. The word “strange” does not cover how bizarre some of it was.

I propose that an independent medical board of four physicians consisting of a neurologist, a geriatric psychiatrist, a pulmonologist and a cardiologist be immediately formed through a bipartisan process. Each candidate would have to submit, on a confidential basis, all of their medical records from the past 10 years to the board.

This process would need to be completed no later than the end of September so we all would have a chance to digest the board’s findings before voting. This issue is far more important than any tax return data. Both candidates owe it to us to allow this to happen. Any candidate who will not agree to this procedure or obstructs the procedure does not deserve our vote.

Robert E. Panoff, Pinecrest