Letters to the Editor

Hillary’s poker face

Most poker players will tell you one of the basics of the game is to pick up on your opponents “tell.” One thing that I noticed with Hillary Clinton at a rare speaking engagement where she actually took questions from reporters, is her habit of nodding her head as in, “Yes, yes, I’m listening.”

I have seen her do this on numerous occasions when at her earlier “listening tours.” What struck me on this occasion was that she held to form on the first question, which was a typical softball. On the second question, she started out exactly the same, but as she realized that the second question had to do with her conflicting statements about FBI Director Comey and her Chris Wallace interview, the head bobbing suddenly slowed and then stopped. This led to her “short circuit” explanation, incredible double-talk.

Anybody for a hand or two?

Herb Schneider,

Miami Shores