Letters to the Editor

We still don’t know the truth about 9/11

As a former Naval officer and member of the American Legion I am saddened — sickened is probably more appropriate — that members of the military and veterans continue to enable the establishment deception and cover-up regarding 9/11.

I am also a retired United Airlines captain. To believe that a group of young, inexperienced Saudi flight students could have pulled off the complicated flight maneuvers required to validate the official 9/11 narrative is beyond absurd.

The only presidential candidate who has displayed any authenticity regarding getting at the truth of the 9/11 attacks is Donald Trump. We all saw or heard his early debate response to candidate Jeb Bush’s comment that his brother, George W. Bush “kept us safe.”

Trump replied with an incredulous look: “Kept us safe? 9/11 happened on his watch!”

In decrying the missing 20 pages of a 2003 congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks, former Florida Sen. Bob Graham said: “Cover-up is a fairly passive action. You put something away and keep it out of the vision of other people who might wish to see it. Aggressive deception is where you try to change the narrative in an untruthful way, and then you keep the material that would provide the truth away from the people. So the only thing they see and are exposed to is the false narrative.”

The dismaying degree of death and destruction that resulted from 9/11 false narrative is dreadful. Many of our nation’s leaders are part of a willfully ignorant cabal that gives the appearance to the rest of the civilized world that America is a languishing leviathan descended into a moral and ethical swamp. Rediscovering our founders’ vision for America will require “we the people” to get out of our comfort zones. Real change will require truth — and learning the truth will be a vast challenge to all that we thought we knew about our nation, the world and the very nature of reality itself.

Ron Cole, Islamorada