Letters to the Editor

Melania got in

Re the Aug. 5 letter “Immigrate properly”: Letter writer Josephine Pellegrino says Donald Trump just wants everyone to enter our country legally as her parents did. However, the immigration status of Trump’s wife, Melania, is now being questioned. As a working model, did she come in with a tourist visa or the type of visa given to scientists, athletes and entertainers? Either visa would have required her to leave the country periodically as she did. Melania was fortunate to be able to afford the cost of travel every six months to her native country.

In either case, her husband has said that he is opposed to those visas and that he would end their use as a cheap labor program. Instead, he would require the hiring of American workers first.

I wonder if Trump felt the same way about these visa programs while Melania was benefiting from them?

Alicia Cubota Smith,

Miami Beach