Letters to the Editor

Stop ‘hog’ theft

Recently, one of my closest friends discovered that his motorcycle was stolen from the parking lot of the building where he lives. This wouldn’t surprise any motorcycle owner, as we all have heard the many stories about stolen bikes. What is different about this story is that this is the third motorcycle that has been stolen from my friend in the past few years. No chain or garage security has been able to stop the thieves.

In my bike riding group, we have had five motorcycles stolen in recent years, including one of my own. The number rises to 14 when I count bike thefts of other people I know. This is not normal for a city as thriving and beautiful as Miami.

The response we get from the police when submitting theft reports is that this is common. Well, it shouldn’t be. Riders shouldn’t have to be concerned about losing their property any day because no one else has made a big deal about this.

The modus operandi of the thieves and the number of stolen motorcycles suggest an organized group of people that sometimes operates in conjunction with building security. Help us raise our voicesto the issue so a proper investigation that generates some results is conducted.

Nicolas Posada, Miami