Letters to the Editor

Vote for solar savings

Experts say Florida should be in the top three in the nation for use of solar rooftop systems, but now — because of resistance from monopolistic utilities — the Sunshine State falls behind. But Amendment 4, on the August ballot, offers us a great opportunity for homeowners and businesses to further reduce the falling price of rooftop solar panels.

California residents have saved $192 million in transmission costs, and the state just released its electricity plan, which includes 13 canceled projects because of reduced demand thanks to solar usage.

We can do the same here in Florida. Support the idea of the Sunshine State harnessing the sun, help reduce our electricity bills and demand on our power plants.

The amendment lowers the cost of solar and helps keep millions of dollars in Florida that would otherwise be sent out of state and out of the country to pay for oil and gas.

Vote yes on Amendment 4 and invest that money to create jobs in Florida.

Elizabeth C. Pines, Miami