Letters to the Editor

Personality counts

Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s speech at the Democratic National Convention was the most personable, relatable and genuine of all the speeches. And he gave the most direct and effective critique of Donald Trump:

“Trump says ‘Believe me’ but in business he has left a trail of contractors, investors, banks and individuals who got hurt because they believed him.”

Elections are about feelings. Feelings are the avenue to people’s thoughts, not the reverse.

The Democrats cannot reap the low-hanging fruit of wavering Trump supporters by delivering beautiful speeches.

They have to do it with appealing personalities, not soaring rhetoric. Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president, but she is simply not an appealing personality. The appealing personalities are Kaine, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton.

They can be the way she wins.

Democrats are up against a magnetic personality who was tied with Clinton with his use of simple-minded speeches and tweets.

If Democrats learn how to do what he does, they will win.

Robert Lacey,

Coral Springs