Letters to the Editor

More carcinogens

I feel blessed to have been born in the United States and love living in South Florida. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to be proud of our method of government and have faith in those who lead us.

Case in point: What kind of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo explains that the reason Florida regulators are asking to increase the levels of two dozen known carcinogens is so they can be more easily defended in court?

The explanation goes on to say that some unregulated chemicals will now be added and acceptable amounts decreased for others — supposedly this will result in a wash with no net gain in the amount of chemicals allowed.

It would seem to me that the goal should be no carcinogens in our drinking water, not the “acceptable levels” being touted as safe. At what point did the health of our people and our country become secondary to the bottom line of the businesses polluting our waters?

Linda Conner,