Letters to the Editor

Zika, the real issue

While the hottest, latest buzz in the Herald’s letters center around Clinton vs. Trump and related folderol, the real world continues without a flinch:

The facts are that the Zika virus has infected at least 14 people in the one-mile area including Wynwood, north of downtown Miami.

That Miami is the epicenter of this outbreak in America seems only typical of our luck.

Thanks go to Gov. Rick Scott, who jumped on this public-health crisis by recognizing it as a possible catastrophe, especially for pregnant women and all women of child bearing age in Florida.

Gov. Scott has ordered the increase of insecticide spraying and testing in downtown Miami, and blood banks are on alert to not accept blood donations until proper screening takes place. An effective vaccine for this virus, whose effects are potentially devastating to children is still way off in the future.

The only effective measures to control this disease now is to use mosquito repellants with DEET; mosquito control insecticide spraying; eliminating standing water, which are breeding places for mosquitoes; and the use of condoms, because Zika can be transmitted sexually. I thank Gov. Scott for looking out for all of us.

Robert E Pickard,