Letters to the Editor

Udonis Haslem’s a hero, too

Lost in the shuffle of the post “DW exit” love-fest is the resigning of Udonis Haslem.

Dwyane Wade, perhaps rightly, became the Miami Heat’s favorite son, but Haslem is truly the hometown hero. Let’s look at the facts:

Aside from playing in his hometown his entire career, Haslem has won just as many championships as Wade (three) and hit countless shots in key stretches.

He does not complain or draw attention to himself.

Haslem earns less than a fifth of what Wade makes, though he would never once gripe. Haslem knows better than to grandstand when he is being paid beyond his wildest dreams to do a “hobby” for a living.

Emotions blind us all. Let’s see Wade’s ability, but also his ego, for what they are.

Haslem, however, is the perfect foil to his longtime buddy — and a much better example of what a hero should be.

Mark Elman, Miami