Letters to the Editor

North Miami dumping

It’s appalling to read that city of North Miami officials spent $47,500 on a six-person delegation to China, but don’t have enough resources to clean up their own back yard.

Occupants from multiresidential units along Northeast Eighth Avenue regularly dump furnishings and other household items in the swale area just a few hundred steps from City Hall.

It’s rare that a week goes by that nasty mattresses, couches or dressers aren’t strewn curbside, sitting for days on end.

This isn’t the first time North Miami officials has made bad choices, in the council chambers and out.

A few years ago, the city squandered $100,000 on a study, conducted by an outside agency once headed by a city official, of a possible citywide Caribbean festival that never materialized.

Instead of exploring China, they focus on cleaning up their own city.

R. Figueroa, Biscayne Park