Letters to the Editor

Speaking as a Cuban

I get Fabiola Santiago’s July 3 column, “American hotel deal with Cuba just helps oppressors,” and her viewpoint on the rapprochement with Cuba. I really do.

I’m a Cuban American who arrived in the United States as a refugee in 1961, like so many others.

What I don’t get about “my people” is why we think we are so special.

Why does the rest of America have to feel about Cuba the way we do?

I am sure Vietnamese Americans who came here as refugees also feel strongly about Vietnam’s current government. The Vietnamese apparently do not expect the United States to hand Vietnam back to them on a silver platter with human rights in place.

It is unfair for us to expect that, with some even demanding it. What happened in Cuba was our problem, and it will be ours to solve, most certainly by the Cubans who are on the island. Let’s give rapprochement a chance.

Betty T. Valls, Miami