Letters to the Editor

Booing Cruz

Who writes the Herald’s headlines? The July 21 headline saying that Ted Cruz upstaged Mike Pence should have said: “Cruz commits political suicide!”

I have had a respect for Cruz as a true conservative, and much of his speech espoused solid conservative principles but, sadly, the bottom line became the whining, sour grapes of a poor loser.

He deserved to be booed out of the convention center.

It seems unlikely that the people of the great state of Texas will support a senator who made a fool of himself in front of the whole nation. He has become an embarrassment not only to the GOP, but to Texas and to himself.

As one who admired him for his courage in putting forth conservative positions in the Senate, Cruz also killed my respect for him.

And, in no way was Mike Pence “upstaged.”

I. C. Griffith, Jr., Miami