Letters to the Editor

Shot by officer

I know that we as a society should be focused on how and why Charles Kinsey, an African-American behavior technician, happened to be shot in the leg by a police officer while helping one of his autistic patients. But instead, I am going to attempt to change the narrative.

Kinsey deserves a significant amount of respect and thanks from the Miami-Dade community and the American public, because he was demonstrating complete compassion for his patient while displaying de-escalation techniques for both this patient and law enforcement.

Everyone take a moment and place yourself in Kinsey’s shoes. How many of us could handle that situation like he did?

Be honest with yourself, not many of us could.

This, in itself, is one of the greatest acts of courage and leadership I have ever seen.

I thank him for his courage, leadership and sense of responsibility.

Marcus Hochman, Viera