Letters to the Editor

Turkey’s record

As the child of an Armenian genocide survivor, I read with interest and sadness Christine Flowers’ July 19 column, “U.S. shouldn’t bow to Turkey’s demands to extradite Muslim cleric after coup try,” about Turkey and its refusal to ever admit the existence of the Armenian genocide of 1915.

My father was 7 years old at the time. His parents somehow smuggled him and his brother out of Tarsus, Turkey wrapped in small carpets. He told this story with much sadness and difficulty because of all those who had been left behind.

I agree with Flowers about not bowing to the demands of the Turkish government that the United States extradite Fethullah Gulen. Its track record on matters such as these leaves much to be desired.

Our country has been a haven of democracy and safety for those seeking refuge, and I hope it will always be so.

Sharon Sislian Kirschner,