Letters to the Editor

Sour-grapes, Ted Cruz

In explaining to the Texas delegation his refusal to honor his pledge to support Donald Trump, Ted Cruz said that he cannot support the nominee because Trump attacked Ted’s wife, Heidi.

Cruz has a problem with selective short-term memory. The record is clear that a pro-Cruz PAC started the fracas by posting a photo of a nude Melania Trump, saying: “Meet Melania Trump. Your next first lady.” In response, Trump posted an unflattering picture of Heidi, and essentially asked the same question. This is the same Ted Cruz that had to fire a staff member for altering a video of Marco Rubio to say to a person reading the Bible that there is not much in there for you to read.

Some people seem outraged that Donald Trump is the Republican’s nominee. However, the true outrage is that Ted Cruz came in second place. He was, and remains, a disgrace.

Louis Arslanian, Hollywood