Letters to the Editor

Annette Taddeo vs. Joe Garcia

The Florida primaries are on August 30.

As a Democrat, I have been receiving numerous fliers from Annette Taddeo and Joe Garcia, the two Democratic candidates running for Congress from my District 26.

While Garcia’s message is on getting the job done, without attacking her, Annette Taddeo is concentrating on deprecatory and confusing messages against him.

Candidates believe that attacks against the other candidate is the best way to get elected. Totally untrue. Voters care about what the candidate can do for us, and take into consideration previous experience on the job.

Frankly, I had not decided on my vote in the primaries. However, Taddeo’s mailers attacking Garcia, and the absence of her own attributes as a candidate, made up my mind.

Gladys Canizares,

West Kendall