Letters to the Editor

A greater America

I have been watching with curiosity and confusion, gung-ho Americans, waving flags and wearing red hats claiming to be mega-patriots. What I hear from them, however, seems to be the opposite of love of country.

They are constantly berating the United States and screaming how terrible America is.

Truth be told, eight years ago, our country was a mess — the economy was in shambles, people were losing their homes, unemployment exceeded 10 percent and we had American soldiers in harm’s way in several conflict areas.

Today, unemployment is down to 5 percent, 20 million more Americans now have healthcare, Americans can marry whomever they want, torture is unacceptable and Osama bin Laden is dead.

Do we still have serious problems? Yes! Do we need to fight terrorism more effectively? Sure.

Is there work that needs to be done to improve interracial and police relations and to reduce gun violence? Absolutely!

But we don’t need to make a financially and morally bankrupt America great again. We need to make a great America greater.

Lillian Andron,

North Miami Beach