Letters to the Editor

Arts funding

Research continually has shown that to fully prepare our youth for long-term success in college, career and life, it’s essential that we expose them to arts-rich learning and education.

As the senior program director for Arts for Learning, a local nonprofit dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through the arts, I’ve worked to develop and implement programs that ensure arts education is accessible and prevalent across South Florida’s most underserved communities.

One of those programs is Youth Arts in the Parks. Done in partnership with the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, it provides accessible arts experiences for children with and without disabilities across the county.

I applaud Mayor Carlos Gimenez for understanding the value in these programs and including an increase in cultural affairs/arts funding within his proposed 2017 county budget.

Arts funding is crucial to ensuring the arts are accessible and a haven for all children across our community.

Dia Carter Webb, senior program director,

Arts for Learning,