Letters to the Editor

Bulgaria’s Bokova troubling

In her July 18 piece, “Woman could be spark the U.N. needs” columnist Trudy Rubin did a tremendous disservice to readers by promoting the candidacy of Bulgarian Irina Bokova.

Rubin failed to provide any information on Bokova’s troubling background.

The first thing that needs to be understood about Bokova is that she is a Communist whose father served as chief editor of the Bulgarian Communist Party’s official propaganda organ.

This brutal party, of which Bokova has been a member since her youth, even after its rebranding as the Bulgarian Socialist Party, oversaw the murder of more than 222,000 victims, according R.J. Rummel’s “Statistics of Democide: Genocide and mass murder since 1900.”

Making matters even worse, Bokova's campaign team is dominated by former agents of the ostensibly defunct communist Bulgarian regime's “security” service.

This is well-known in Bulgaria and should have been disclosed to readers.

The column also failed to mention that Bokova is embroiled in serious scandals, including troubling questions raised about luxury properties she owns in London, New York, Paris and beyond.

Her tax-funded salary, combined with her husband’s, does not explain this.

Buddy Newman,

Coral Gables