Letters to the Editor

Stand together

Focus on what unites us, not on what divides us.

The more positive stories we hear, the more positive we are likely to become. Needless to say, the opposite is true. What unites us is all around: Sports teams unite us; musical bands unite us; theater groups unite us; doctors teams unite us; United Way unites us; helping the needy unites us; raising money for a cure unites us; peaceful protests unite us. I could go on and on.

CNN is calling for positive stories. I am sure other channels are doing the same. The Black Lives Matter movement does not unite us. The Washington Post’s Fatal Force data revealed that in 2015, 494 white civilians were killed by police in line of duty as opposed to 258 blacks and 172 Hispanics. So a “Life Matters” movement will unite us. Together let us march toward the more perfect union.

Kamala Anandam, Weston