Letters to the Editor

PAMM’s error

The Pérez Art Museum Miami committed an error. As has been remarked upon, PAMM Shop sold an object that offends many members of our community — and many of us. We made a mistake and removed the item immediately. The item in question — a paper build-your-own-sculpture kit featuring Che Guevara — was introduced into our gift shop’s inventory as part of a broader line of products that feature imagery of a variety of recognizable figures.

By no means was the object’s specific inclusion meant to serve as a political statement, and we agree that it should have been rejected. This object was not curated into an exhibition at PAMM but was displayed in our retail setting. We are acutely aware of the power of images, no matter the context, and we are disappointed in ourselves for letting the community down.

Franklin Sirmans, director, PAMM, Miami