Letters to the Editor

Who is a martyr?

Miami WPBT2 host Kalyn Chapman James is “really conflicted” calling the killer of five Dallas police officers “a martyr.”

Apparently, only black criminal lives matter to Ms. James, who expressed her views on Facebook and has been suspended.

Possibly she could use her talents in media presentation to examine why “homicide is the leading cause of death for young black men and 90 percent of perpetrators are also black.”

Wall Street Journal economist Jason Riley also reports blacks are 13 percent of the American population but comprise 37 percent of state prison inmates. The arrest rate for blacks for robbery, aggravated assault and property crimes is two-to-three times their representation in the population.

Ms. James might expand her compassion from a black mass murderer to include all victims of black criminals and help lower black crime rates.

Vicki Martin,

Clearfield, UT