Letters to the Editor

Pets’ Trust betrayed

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez has rolled out his “rosiest” budget to date, coincidentally just weeks before the mayoral election.

He claims that the Pets’ Trust cannot be “placated” despite a new Animal Services facility.

An improvement it is. However, there are no fewer healthy and adoptable animals slated to be euthanized there than at the previous facility. The workable Pets’ Trust solution, which the voting majority passed, has been voided by the mayor, using various flimsy excuses, such as “the voters did not know what they were voting for.”

Gimenez has repeatedly refused requests from the Pets’ Trust founders to meet, preferring instead to believe only the distorted numbers that make him look good. This mayor does not need to “placate” anyone; he is, however, mandated to support the majority vote in a democracy.

If Gimenez is re-elected, Miami-Dade’s future will be anything but rosy.

The $3 million allocated to spend for his campaign will perpetuate an unending cascade of distortions and lies, to the detriment of the people, and animals, of Miami-Dade for years to come.

Sharon Shaw, Miami