Letters to the Editor

Channel 7 and DirecTV dispute

Here goes WSVN-Channel 7 again. This time it’s a feud with DirecTV.

Obvioiusly, Channel 7 wants more money from DirecTV than they are willing to pay to broadcast Channel 7 programming — or I and other DirecTV subscribers will lose Channel 7.

As I watched the message scroll across the bottom of my TV, it said to contact DirecTV with my complaints. Complain that they won’t pay what Channel 7 wants? Trust me, that’s the very last thing I intend to do. I can see it now, customers complain to DirecTV and they agree to pay more.

Then here comes my next DirecTV bill with, of course, increased monthly payments.

I remember not that long ago that AT&T customers had a standoff with Channel 7 that lasted awhile. I won’t miss Channel 7 while they are off the air, and maybe, just maybe, for once they will not look at the bottom line and, instead, think about the consumers. After all, I’m sure they’re making a profit.

Danny Zuccari,

Pembroke Pines