Letters to the Editor

Move on at St. Rose of Lima

Letter writer Silvia Munoz on Wednesday’s Open Mic wants St. Rose of Lima Church parishioners, specifically, and the church, generally, to just move on.

She dismisses the allegations from some because they were only parents. Huh, they are concerned because it affects the treatment of only their children who attend school there.

I draw your attention to page 11A of the same edition of the Miami Herald on Wednesday where there is a report about the late Penn State Coach Joe Paterno and several assistant coaches just “moving on” for decades before the Sandusky allegations of child abuse surfaced.

“I have a football season to worry about,” JoPa is alleged to have said when confronted by an alleged victim.

Archbishop Thomas Wenski wants to move on; he has an archdiocese to worry about.

But these “just” parents have vulnerable children to worry about.

Penn State has paid out $90 million and the church many times that amount. There are lessons of the past to consider. Let’s not move on to a worse result.

Mike Melnick,

North Miami Beach