Letters to the Editor

Slimy algae

The source of that green, slimy stuff fouling the waterways is green, slimy money that has fouled the political system for much too long.

Elected representatives in Tallahassee have given us legislation “basically allowing big agricultural operations to police their own chemical discharges” according to Carl Hiaasen’s Sunday Op-Ed.

“In exchange for a deluge of campaign donations they have worked steadfastly to gut pollution regulations and put the biggest polluters in charge of state water policy,” Hiaasen writes.

Commonsense measures, overwhelmingly supported by voters, are repeatedly blocked in Tallahassee and Washington by well-heeled, self-interest groups whose green, slimy campaign contributions trump the will of the voters on gun control, climate change, Everglades restoration, prisons, bank regulations etc.

If we want to take back our government and make it work for us, the answer is not to kick out everyone who has a clue how government should work, but to overturn Citizen’s United and reenact campaign finance reform.

Helene B Dudley,