Letters to the Editor

Miami Shores pastor cleared of sexual allegations, but reassigned

Again, reporter Ana Veciana-Suarez writes an article giving the wrong perception. Father Pedro Corces has been cleared by the Archdiocese of Miami — not “cleared, in part” like you state in your Sunday, July 12 article. Shores pastor is cleared of sexual allegations, but not off the hook.

Father Corces has admitted he’s not a good administrator, never studied it, never liked it. He went to the seminary to be a priest, a shepherd, to guide people to a closer relationship with God, and he has done a wonderful job at that. Why didn’t you write that Archbishop Thomas Wenski mentions the many letters he has received stating the “positive influence Father Corces and his ministry have had?”

You also give the wrong perception when you state a “group of parishioners” presented complains to Archbishop Wenski.

Are you aware that the “group” consists of less than 10 families, some of them not parishioners but only parents of the school?

St. Rose of Lima has around 2,000 families. That is less than 0.5 percent of the parish families. And, please, also clarify that Rosa Armesto, the leader of this “group,” is not even a parishioner of St. Rose of Lima.

The great majority of parishioners of St. Rose, as well as the catholic community of South Florida, applaud Archbishop Wenski’s letter and are eager to move on.

Please, stop the slander and let’s move on!

Silvia Muñoz,