Letters to the Editor

Dwyane Wade’s downtown legacy

I am sad as a basketball fan (Indiana University grad 1977 and 1979) that Dwyane Wade chose not to finish his career in Miami, but I understand the realities of professional basketball negotiations that led to that decision. I would like to thank him for what he has given to our city over the years — and what he leaves as his legacy.

Downtown Miami is better because of him. His efforts to bring the “3 Kings” to the Heat helped fuel our city’s rise to prominence and take it global. The skyline pictures of Downtown Miami alone during the championships gave Miami instant credibility in the eyes of international audiences. And the energy he brought, both on the court and in the community, helped tell the story of this young city and created a sense of optimism for what lay ahead.

From championships celebrated with the pots and pans brigades to awesome downtown parades — these will live in my mind as some of the best memories of the “Magic City” that I cherish.

Being from South Bend, Ind., Chicago is close to my heart, but Miami is my home and the Miami Heat is my team. Chicago is a great city and I wish Wade all the best there. But I hope he knows that his contributions to the economic development of downtown Miami have not gone unnoticed. The city he came to 13 years ago is a far cry from the thriving metropolis that he leaves today and, in part, that is because of him.

Alyce M. Robertson,

Executive Director,

Miami Downtown Development Authority