Letters to the Editor

Marine resources

As a Miami native who grew up fishing in Biscayne Bay, on the local reefs and its offshore waters, I support the Access to Sportfishing Act of 2016 bill supported by Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio. There is no need to close any section of Biscayne National Park or the local reefs to recreational fishing.

True recreational anglers are conservationists. We are the ones who call out and fight polluters, habitat destruction, overfishing and water quality issues. We are the ones who, working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, are responsible for instituting sensible size and bag limits and closed seasons for species requiring extra attention.

We have a proven formula to protect and enhance our marine resources. Why not let that successful blueprint continue?

The marine reserve in Biscayne National Park has no scientific evidence to prove that it is necessary or that it will work. A reserve will not address the true threats facing our reefs. Such restrictions will only take families and friends off the water and damage our economy, closely tied with recreational fishing.

George Poveromo,