Letters to the Editor

Flowers on Hillary Clinton

Christine M. Flowers’ July 8 column, FBI chief exposed Hillary Clinton’s incompetence, epitomizes how dysfunctional our political system has become. Despite claiming she couldn’t “stand the man,” Flowers says she will vote for Donald Trump over “Evita Rodham Clinton.”

Flowers’ moral bankruptcy is palpable. FBI Director James Comey faulted Clinton for using the server her husband used as president and noted that three of the 30,000 plus emails she received were marked classified — incorrectly, without headers and with a (c) in the text.

Flowers’ candidate, Donald Trump, lied about being first in his class at the Wharton College of Business. He lied about Ted Cruz’s dad killing JFK. He lied about people in New Jersey celebrating 9/11. He lied to the subcontractors and investors he jilted. He lied to the students of Trump University.

Flowers’ moral equivalency shows she values her party over her country.

James Wilson, Plantation