Letters to the Editor

Angry at Pat Riley over Dwyane Wade

I do not trust Pat Riley anymore. Not even if he delivers another championship to Miami.

The reason is very simple: I believe in loyalty and it was not loyal to let Dwyane Wade go.

Let us be clear: He let Dwyane go. He was an idol in Miami, he was the face of the franchise, he was still the best player of that team. And Riley let him go. Because what? Because he’s older? Because Riley thinks he was going to mortgage the Heat’s future?

Sports, even though it’s a business, is based on emotions, and those emotions belong not only to the owners and the players, they also belong to the fans.

If they don’t feel a positive emotion toward the team, they will not attend the games, and that is probably what will happen to the Heat, because Riley destroyed something that we value: the idea that this team was different from the rest of the teams in Miami, that this team was based on loyalty and family values.

And now that is not true anymore.

Riley has descended to the same level as the Marlins. That’s not good. The Marlins, as we remember, won two championships, but they destroyed many hearts in the process.

We had a franchise player and you simply did not want him anymore and let him go; that was a cheap move, a low blow and it was totally unacceptable.

Gustavo A. Mendez, Miami