Letters to the Editor

Miami — a great place to live, really

Re the June 28 article, Miami rated worst American city: Like many growing metropolitan areas, Miami has its share of challenges, but Detroit is a better place to live than Miami? Paterson, New Jersey?

We know Miami is quickly becoming a world-class 21st Century city. Greater Miami is seizing the opportunities and tackling the challenges that come with rapid growth, a new innovation economy and a globally oriented workforce.

AreaVibes.com, ranked 50 Miami-Dade communities higher in its livability index than Detroit. Their index provides great depth and detail and helps clarify the counter-intuitive rankings reported in the article.

After years of “brain drain,” we are seeing a “brain gain” with millennials choosing Miami in record numbers, according to Realtor.com. We continue to push forward with the One Community One Goal initiative which is laser-focused on creating more high paying jobs in our target industries.

Miami-Dade County’s Prosperity Committee and organizations like CareerSource South Florida, United Way of Miami-Dade and Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce are working to eliminate the income and skills gap and create opportunities for the entire community.

Miamians know that our community is emerging as a great global city. Miami’s rich mosaic of people from all over the world is our greatest asset and our secret weapon in attracting global companies needing a multi-cultural, multi-lingual workforce.

All we need to do is look around at all the new businesses, condos, offices, restaurants, and construction. Our population has increased 13 percent in the last ten years. People like living here. And for good reason. Miami offers boundless business opportunities, an exceptional lifestyle, and a welcoming environment all in one place — my Miami.

Larry K. Williams,

president & CEO,

Miami-Dade Beacon Council