Letters to the Editor

We need the Access to Sportfishing Act of 2016

I am extremely disappointed in Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio, who are willfully ignoring their own constituents and subjecting the state's precious natural resources to irrevocable damage.

By proposing the Access to Sportfishing Act of 2016, Rubio and Nelson are throwing away 15 years of scientific research and policy work that show the necessity of a marine reserve in Biscayne National Park.

The Marine Preserve plan generated 43,000 comments with 90 percent of concerned citizens in favor of the marine preserve. Florida residents have made it clear that this is an environmental measure that they not only want, but need. We want to see our fish populations and our coral reef systems thrive, not only for their environmental value but also for their value to our state's tourism industry.

Our senators are being woefully shortsighted. Without the reserve, our fish populations will be decimated, making fishing in South Florida a thing of the past and negating the purported need for the Access to Sportfishing Act of 2016 in the first place.

Our waters need this preserve. If our senators can’t see that, they are no longer fit for office.

Nicole McGrath,

Miami Lakes