Letters to the Editor

Kudos for Mayor Philip Levine

Following the recent Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine joined more than 30 mayors from a dozen states to speak out in support of local control of fracking.

The mayors said, “It’s vital our cities and localities are able to protect the public health and environment from fracking’s impacts.”

Fracking has been shown to damage communities in a variety of ways, from contaminating drinking water to polluting the air to devastating lands. It even has a toll on infrastructure and social services by increasing fires, earthquakes, and traffic accidents. The harm will primarily fall on communities, which is why the power to regulate fracking should be restored to those who will be most affected.

Communities deserve the right to decide whether, where, and how industrial fracking operations happen within their borders. By supporting local control of fracking, Mayor Levine stood up for the powers of communities, like Miami Beach, to regulate fracking in order to protect their health and quality of life.

Korinna Garfield,

Wellesley, MA