Letters to the Editor

Hispanic values study

José Azel’s July 5 column, Hispanic voters prefer ‘Big Government,’ claims “collectivist values” from Spanish and post colonial Latin American experiences are the fundamental reasons Latinos like more government services than fewer.

He says this undermines their participation in the institutions of free societies, which stress individual rights. He thinks it obvious that Hispanics have an intellectual discomfort with freedom itself.

It is wrong to generalize from a survey on Hispanics in this country to indict all Latino cultures. Conducted almost five years ago, soon after the Great Recession when poor Hispanics needed government help, it reported that support for a larger government was greatest among immigrant Latinos.

I suggest those most in need appreciated the services only governments can provide. What Azel calls “collectivist values” in Hispanic cultures contains a good dose of concern for the common good.

Edward Sunshine,

Miami Shores