Letters to the Editor

No change in Cuba

In the perception that wealth equals wisdom or eloquence, the Herald publishes an opinion piece from Mike Fernandez, who wants to establish relations with Cuba. (It’s time for Cuban Americans in Congress to stop playing into Castros’ hands, July 3).

He argues that since the Cuban government hasn’t given an inch after the Obama opening, the Cuban American delegation should be held at fault. After all, Fernandez and his colleagues are in favor of lifting the embargo.

The problem is that on the issue of freedom, the Cuban American delegation has stood firm against an oppressive regime that once pointed nuclear missiles against the United States, in spite of the donations that being chummy with the likes of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would bring.

And on the other hand the Cuban military, which owns 80 percent of Cuba, is really not impressed with the pittance that the Cuban American moguls could bring to a Caribbean Vietnam.

Raul G. Ordonez Jr.,