Letters to the Editor

Protecting our water supply, economy

In late April, the issue of Florida Power & Light’s Turkey Point cooling canals contamination reached its largest level of public and legislative discussion. My growing concern and the concerns of my constituents about this potentially serious health hazard and environmental problem across South Dade and the Florida Keys deserved prompt action.

My job is to ensure that your voices are being heard and I have remained at the forefront of this pressing matter.

That is why I called for a select committee to review these recent discoveries and act to protect the water supply that is vital to our entire state.

I called for a plan from FPL and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to contain the saltwater intrusion into our natural waterways, as well as stressed continual tracking and detailed reports from DEP on the progress of the clean-up.

This week, a Public Service Commission hearing was held to allow customer feedback about FPL’s rate increase proposal.

Miami-Dade County families and businesses are struggling during a sluggish economic recovery and FPL’s proposed rate increases will further cripple our constituents.

For families, the rate increases could be the difference between new tires for the family car or food on the table for their children. For seniors it could be the difference between a necessary medication or paying their electric bill. And for business owners, it could be the difference between keeping a single-mom on the payroll or laying her off.

I will continue to lead the charge for an efficient and accountable economy that protects your dollars. I will concentrate on the health and environmental necessities of our state and will advocate for smart and innovative renewable energy and conservation alternatives so that our community can reduce the rate increases currently being proposed.

Anitere Flores, Florida state senator, District 39,