Letters to the Editor

Hillary Clinton’s tech plan

Why is it so difficult for minorities to get ahead in the tech world? I can’t speak for the entire United States, but here in Miami, the difference is opportunity. Starting a business is expensive.

Minorities are disproportionately plagued with the effects of bias and poverty. When you’re working two or three jobs to take care of rent and student loans while supporting yourself or a family, starting a business isn’t the easiest option. I own a local business which aims to make the tech world more accessible to minority and female entrepreneurs. I’m proud these goals have recently received the attention they deserve.

Hillary Clinton just released her tech and innovation plan that would make getting into the start-up scene easier — providing internet access to every family, relieving young entrepreneurs’ student debt, and spurring growth in areas of innovation like the one right here in Miami. Clinton’s mission with this tech plan is the same as the mission of my company: to provide equal opportunity for all.

Michael Hall, North Miami