Letters to the Editor

Our American history

The televised Fourth of July celebration from Washington, D.C. brought back wonderful memories of my time there during this past Memorial Day weekend. The city was beautiful and the reverence for our country’s great history was omnipresent and inspiring.

The U.S. Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, Ford’s Theater, and other superb monuments should be experienced by everyone. Having been through immeasurable hardships, it is clear that our founders realized they were providing an overarching guidance that would hopefully see the country successfully through future challenges. We owe much to their bravery, insight, and determination.

In revisiting the thoughts and actions of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln and others, it seems to me that, as a society, we have deviated from their most important qualities. People in positions of authority require the most scrutiny and respect.

I think it is time to demand that all those given the privilege to oversee others should work towards developing the insight, thoughtfulness and ethics our forefathers strived for of themselves and in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In light of the heroic efforts that have transpired to ensure our freedoms and rights, I hope it isn’t too much to ask that all people with such authority are indeed worthy of it.

Judith Futerfas,

South Miami