Letters to the Editor

FBI got it right with Hillary Clinton

Bravo, FBI Director James Comey! What a different experience of listening you gave us at your Tuesday news conference.

You presented the FBI’s report in concise terms, including depth of research and difficulties involved, definition of terms, and precedents for determination of criminality and/or unexpected carelessness from supposedly entrusted secretaries of State and other governmental officers.

The FBI should be congratulated and thanked. As an American, I am relieved that at least one agency of our government appears to be functioning well.

However, now the media can decorate, enlarge, and pontificate on the facts. These days too many reporters have appointed themselves as commentators. No doubt selected points will be emphasized by reporters, who express their own or their channel’s views and thereby actually create news.

How can the public get the straight story without such embellishment? Turning off the TV, changing channels, or reading a variety of sources is almost as much work for me, as an individual, as the FBI did for its report. Yes, but that research is a duty today.

Mary Lou Winkler, Miami