Letters to the Editor

Foul water

The St. Lucie River pollution could have been avoided if the proposed 44,000-acre reservoir in Palm Beach County had been built. The project was started several years ago and was stopped when the money set aside for the project was diverted.

If reservoirs had been built along the Caloosahatchee River and in Palm Beach County there would be somewhere to store this water. These reservoirs could be hunter and fisherman friendly.

I spent years dealing with the U.S. Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District as vice president of South Florida Anglers for Everglades Restoration. We did save the canals in the Everglades, but the reservoir projects were scrapped because of the lack of funds.

Taxpayers of the areas affected by the release of polluted water on both coasts should know that this could have been prevented.

Richard Persson, Miami