Letters to the Editor

Pam Bondi’s good job

Michael Blake’s June 20 letter, Bondi pay off, is absolutely ridiculous.

To equate Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s — or anyone’s — defense of traditional marriage as the equivalent of demonizing gays is unfair.

To say, as Anderson Cooper tried to do in their interview, that because she carried out her responsibility to defend Florida’s Constitution, she is ineligible to care about the victims of Orlando’s terror attack and work to protect and help their families is also unfair.

It is also un-American.

We should be able to disagree politically while still seeing our fellow Americans as human beings. That’s exactly what Bondi has done throughout her career.

Sadly some folks are calling Bondi a bigot and a bully. If they’re looking for bigotry, they should look in the mirror.

Paul McCaffrey, Miami