Letters to the Editor

Peace in Israel

Re the June 29 article Israel’s security figures take aim at Netanyahu: The commanders of Israel’s security really are less interested in its security than in destroying the communities of the Shomron and Yehuda, many of which were established by religious Zionists.

These commanders do not represent the views of the majority of Israelis. Most Israelis learned the lesson of unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and the destruction of all the Jewish settlements there.

They know you cannot buy peace by giving up land. Many of the 9,000 settlers that were forcefully evacuated from Gaza suffered many years of poverty, homelessness and unemployment. The commanders’ proposals would result in the evacuation of 400,000 Jewish settlers.

This article represents the extreme left in Israel and shouldn’t be misconstrued as a popular movement in Israel.

Michael S. Goldstein,

North Miami Beach