Letters to the Editor

Biosphere survival

Last year’s visitation by Katherine, a great white shark named after Katherine Lee Bates, author of the patriotic song, America the Beautiful, gives me hope. That hope has reinforced the reasons for optimism mentioned in Mike Heithaus’ June 29 opinion article, The real threat with sharks is extinction.

South Florida and the Keys are truly at ground zero for the “coral bleaching, ocean acidification, coastal development, pollution and over fishing in general” mentioned in his thoughtful article.

The rapidly declining “coral canaries” are chirping very loudly. It’s time to provide political pressure to engage polluters and politicians whose actions threaten the survival of our biosphere.

The Everglades Foundation has suggested that we pray for wind and water as a cure for the sea grass die-off in Florida Bay. A Category One will be sufficient, please. Let’s celebrate this Fourth of July by singing America the Beautiful she needs us.

Ron Cole,