Letters to the Editor

Unethical insurance practice

I sent a letter to Florida’s insurance commissioner and Sen. Bill Nelson’s office complaining of health insurers’ unethical practice of opening up pools of business collecting premiums and then within a few months closing the pool of business before they have any substantial claims on them.

United Healthcare this year canceled my plan in five months. Through Obamacare, the federal government is paying huge amounts of money in subsidized premiums. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where any insurer is not making a killing on the huge number of formerly uninsured now having a major portion of their premiums paid every month by the federal government.

My current plan with United Healthcare is more than $900 per month. Every year that I have been enrolled in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with Cigna, Assurant and United Healthcare, they all closed out my policy within 12 months. I have had to contact the commissioner’s office numerous times to get them to pay for the services they contracted for under PPACA.

I consider this behavior to be cynically conceived and unethical, and it needs to be exposed.

William Todd, Islamorada