Letters to the Editor

FPL cleanup

As reported on June 24, FPL has 10 years to clean up its polluted cooling canals. FPL’s solutions include “a recovery system to capture hypersaline groundwater and safely put it deep underground in bedrock that is separate from drinking water sources.” What could go wrong? Well, FPL isn’t putting it in a mason jar on a pantry shelf.

The plan seems to involve drilling deep wastewater wells under the aquifer, which requires high-pressure drilling. And, who will pay for this canal catastrophe clean-up? We will.

FPL estimates $50 million and has repeatedly stated that the cost will be passed on to customers. Just watch your bills go upwhile it continues to waste money advertising clean, safe energy.

Solar is the answer in sunny Florida. We all know it. But FPL lobbyists have a powerful political base in our spineless state. Time to break up this monopoly and allow solar enterprises to flourish in Florida.

Pat Bonner Milone,