Letters to the Editor

Court’s abortion ruling

I don’t know or care what odd quirk has led Kristen Hatten to declare herself a “pro-choice feminist,” but her June 28 column, Court’s rejection of Texas abortion law puts women’s lives in danger, was based on the same illogical and wholly unsupported claims that led the Supreme Court to reject Texas’ anti-abortion HB2 law.

I was both surprised and disturbed by the fact that the Herald published her reiteration of her scientifically and medically indefensible views, as if they were legitimate and thoughtful debating points, on the same day that it recapped the court’s dismissal of each of Hatten’s and Texas’ excuses for this anti-woman law.

Fortunately, the court was able to assess the evidence better than Hatten did.

Nancy C. Wear,

Coral Gables