Letters to the Editor

Immigration laws

Re the June 24 article ‘No’ to Obama’s immigration plans, Supreme Court says: President Obama said that the Supreme Court’s decision “takes us further from the country that we aspire to be …”

Not correct. It takes us further from the country that the president wishes us to be. Most of us want the United States to be a country based on the rule of law — not a country where lawbreakers are rewarded. The Supreme Court’s decision reinforces the actions of the millions of people from foreign lands who patiently waited in line to enter the United States legally.

Now, someone needs to figure out a way to file a federal lawsuit for a mandatory injunction forcing the federal government to enforce immigration laws in sanctuary cities; or, even better, Congress should pass a law depriving any city that aids and abets the violation of our immigration laws of its ability to get a federal tax exemption for its municipal bonds.

Robert E. Panoff, Pinecrest